Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Copy Spreadsheet for Revit 2014 - released!

Revit Schedule is quirky. It is fantastic in many aspects, but lacks in one specific simple manipulation.
For eg., if you maintain a set of data in Microsoft Excel (or Open Office or Libre Office spreadsheet) and want to copy and paste it into a Revit schedule, it is not possible.
Since, the Revit schedule is made of elements within Revit, copying and pasting data from any other spreadsheet is not allowed. In order to alleviate this issue, we have coded the Copy Spreadsheet for Revit utility. This just does that!
We have updated the popular copy spreadsheet for Revit utility for the 2014 version. The trial version is available here. The trial version is limited to copying only 3x3=9 cells at a time.
You can buy the fully functioning utility from here.
The full version allows copying of unlimited number of cells.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Autodesk Revit 2014 version released

Autodesk has released the 2014 version of its products recently. Hats off to the Autodesk team for their continual development of the software.
You can download a trial version of Revit here:
The trial is valid for 30 days and is a fully functional copy.
If you are a student, you can also download a fully functional 3 year license. (however, any print taken from the software taken from the Educational version, will have a Educational version text border. This border happens even if you link a RVT file made with the educational version inside a RVT file made with a commercial license software and print from the commercial license software!)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Removing Educational version trace in AutoCAD

We had a problem with AutoCAD last week. One of the surveyors had sent us a drawing showing the change in site extents. This person didnt have a proper AutoCAD license and used an educational version. When we tried to insert this small site boundary change into our legal version of the DWG, we got a warning indicating that inserting that object will bring in:

  1. Educational version banner all around the sheet for all prints. 
  2. While opening our file, AutoCAD will warn that we are opening a file created by an educational version.
  3. Any other file that references our file will also carry this educational version tag!!!
I think, AutoCAD may rethink this system. Because of somebody else's problem, we had an issue to be resolved. We could force the surveyor to use the legal version (which we did) however, the amount of time lost in asking the surveyor to send the DWG again from a legal version of the software was a week. 
Alternatively, one could "save as" the file created using educational version in the legal version as DXF file and then open it back in AutoCAD, the warning and the tag go away. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

BIM Coordinator for AutoCAD Civil 3D / Revit

The nice guys at the Autodesk Labs have come up with another interesting app. This one is called the Bim Coordinator for Civil 3d and Revit. It is a technology preview and free!
This utility helps to coordinate the UCS / origin points between a Civil 3D drawing and Revit. The reference point between these two softwares is automatically coordinated. Very nice. 
The current version is release for 2012 Civil 3D and Revit flavours. You can download and try it here

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Autodesk Exchange Apps for Revit

Here is another fantastic development from Autodesk. This is touted as one of the new things for Revit 2013. However, it has been available for AutoCAD in the 2012 version itself.
Anyway, Similar to the appstore, this website has some small utilities that aid Revit. Some of them are free. It is worth while to check once in a while. Here is the link:
If you are a developed you can visit here to read the guidelines to publish your own app!