Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Central File accessed by someone else

If you belong to a large team working on a big project, once in a while you get this File being accessed indication like


The best part of this warning is that it goes away automatically as and when the file becomes available. However, if a user leaves the computer unmonitored after issuing a save to central command, things can get tricky. For eg., if Revit is waiting for a response from the user, like coordinating linked files,


then Revit locks the central file (bad) and does not allow other users to modify elements. Even a tiny “move a wall” command will be returned with the “File being accessed indication” and no subsequent save to central is possible!

Only solution is to find the culprit computer and dismiss the dialog box. This can become a pain if there are many users. The worksharing monitor (free download for subscription customers) is a great help in this regard to identify the culprit! It shows you who is stuck!


The best practice would be to ‘convince’ the users to stay with the computer until STC completes successfully.

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