Thursday, January 26, 2012

Payment options for Copy Spreadsheet utility for Revit

We are very happy to announce that we have incorporated payment services to buy the fully functional Copy Spreadsheet utility for Revit versions 2010, 2011 and 2012 and the "Where is my command in Revit 2010?" in our website. The paid version does NOT have any restriction on the number of cells being copied at a time. You can pay for the licensed version here
The utility does NOT come with any support and is sold "as is" with no warranty. Please check the evaluation version first before paying.
Cost: The pricing is based on the size of the firm, rather than the number of installed machines. The idea is that bigger firms can afford to pay a little bit more.
  • $2 : Firm with One or two employees
  • $10 : Firm with less than 10 employees
  • $25 : Firm with less than 50 employees
  • $50 : Firm with more than 50 employees
Please add $2 per order towards payment service fees and handling.

Version: Please check the correct version before you buy. The utility does NOT work in different Revit version. Since, this is a digital purchase, we cannot refund the payment, if you select the wrong version of the product.
License: After confirming the payment, we will send you the licensed copy of the utility by email in 48 hours. The licensed copy will show the name of your firm, location and the license type (number of employees). 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Draftsight - An alternative to AutoCAD

It has been more than a year since Dassault Systemes (the makers of CATIA) have released their 2D CAD software, Draftsight. Their website says that the software is FREE for individuals as a standalone license. (Email activation necessary).
This software is ALMOST same as Autocad. (2008 version) and supports PGP, Plot configurations, etc. Very easy to use. You can download the software here.
This software is highly recommended.
Here are some screen shots:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Copy from Excel to a Revit Schedule 2012 64 bit

After such a long time (sorry), I updated the script to copy data from excel spreadsheet to Revit Schedule. The updated script is available at:
The evaluation version can be downloaded from the above link. The evaluation version has a limit of 25 cells that can be copied into Revit at a time. You can buy the utility with no restriction in the number of cells to copy (at the bottom of this post!)
The software currently supports 64 bit and 32bit windows environment for:

  • Revit Architecture 2009
  • Revit Architecture 2010
  • Revit Architecture 2011
  • Revit Architecture 2012
  • Revit Structure 2009
  • Revit Structure 2010
  • Revit Structure 2011
  • Revit Structure 2012
  • Revit MEP 2009
  • Revit  MEP  2010
  • Revit  MEP  2011
  • Revit  MEP  2012

The cost of the licensed version of the software:
Single license cost is $2;
Site license cost for a firm with less than 10 employees is $10;
Site license cost for a firm with less than 50 employees is $25;
Site license cost for a firm with more than 50 employees is $50;

I copy and paste from my previous post:
The script works with both Microsoft Excel and Open Calc. 
The script copies a bunch of cells (rows x columns) and pastes them into a revit schedule (contiguous rows x columns).
  1. The script works well if all the fields in Revit schedule are EDITABLE. (A normal schedule has lots of ‘read-only’ fields like Family name, Area, etc where this script will fail.) The cells also need to be 'instance' driven cells (as compared to 'type' driven cells)
  2. The script does not create blank rows for data in Revit (yet). You need to create as many rows as you might need using this button in the Revit option bar before running the script.
You can buy the utility:
1. Register here.
2. Pay here