Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Copy Spreadsheet for Revit 2014 - released!

Revit Schedule is quirky. It is fantastic in many aspects, but lacks in one specific simple manipulation.
For eg., if you maintain a set of data in Microsoft Excel (or Open Office or Libre Office spreadsheet) and want to copy and paste it into a Revit schedule, it is not possible.
Since, the Revit schedule is made of elements within Revit, copying and pasting data from any other spreadsheet is not allowed. In order to alleviate this issue, we have coded the Copy Spreadsheet for Revit utility. This just does that!
We have updated the popular copy spreadsheet for Revit utility for the 2014 version. The trial version is available here. The trial version is limited to copying only 3x3=9 cells at a time.
You can buy the fully functioning utility from here.
The full version allows copying of unlimited number of cells.