Thursday, January 28, 2010

Turn off grids and levels from linked Revit projects

We link a structural revit project into most of our revit projects. We typically develop the grid and after finalizing it, let our engineers maintain it.

We cannot show their grids in our views because, Revit does not allow the linked grid heads/extension to be tweaked. So, we typically copy/monitor the grids. However, when we tweak the grid heads, we see the linked grid head beneath:


One could go into the visibility graphics, and switch off the grids from the linked file on a view by view basis, but exploiting the workset option is more elegant.

Go to File menu > Manage links… and select the structural model and select ‘Reload From…”


and select the same linked structural file. Before pressing ‘open’, select the small arrow next to the ‘open’ button:


and select specify. Then press ‘open’. Revit shows the ‘Linking Worksets…” dialog box.


Select the ‘Shared Levels and grids’ workset and press ‘close’ and then Ok and again Ok. Now the ‘Shared Levels and grids’ workset from the linked file is closed and is NOT visible in any Revit view. Even though the linked grids are not visible, Revit still ‘monitors it!!!


If for some reason you want to see the structural grids, you can repeat the steps above to make them visible.

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Helsinki_Dave said...

Hi, thanks for posting this example.
I'm David Lash from Tekla software in Finland. Is there a chance that we could briefly talk via online meeting about how you link structural revit files to architectural revit files. We are looking to streamline this process with geometry from Tekla Structures.
Please contact me via my gmail account (for safety) at lashmail(at)

Many thanks