Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Show History and Backups behavior

Someone asked me a question if the File menu > show history command could be restricted to show only certain parts of the saved history of the RVT project. Typically a Revit project keeps the history of all the saves along with the comments (if any). Here is chart that shows the RVT behavior in various scenarios.

File type Show History Backups
Central File All STC info since its beginning No of backups based on the number entered while doing the first save as. (default 20)
Local File All STC and local save info since its beginning ditto
“detach from central” option while opening a file copies history from original file all backups lost from original
“save as” Retains only STC history info. all backups lost from original
“save as” with “Make this a central file after save” option Loses all history all backups lost from original

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Print PDF to exactly 50% scale

May be there are easier ways to print PDF files to exact 50% scale. Adobe Reader does not have this print to scale feature. We tried using the scaling feature built in with the printer. But this resulted in non standard size sheets, which we didn't want.

We found a very easier method. Just open the PDF using Autodesk Design Review 2010 (free software) and this software has amazing capability to print to any size / scale. Just wonderful!

  1. Go to File menu > Open Autodesk Design Review 2010. By default it shows only dwf /dwfx files. But you can select other file types (including PDF) from the ‘Files of Type’ drop down.
  2. The print window has far better options than Adobe Reader / Acrobat.