Thursday, July 3, 2008

Callout view - plan vs detail

Q: When creating an enlarged plan (say, a toilet or a workroom) using the Callout command in the View tab, which type - floorplan or detail - should one select?

Each view type has some built in properties and settings. Based on these differences one can choose a particular type.

Here are some differences.

  Plan callout Detail callout
Callout tag Visible in intersecting views no yes
Color schemes can be assigned yes no
Can have dependent views yes no
Project Browser categorized under floor plans details
Cut plane can be changed yes no

Here are the properties of both the floor plan and the detail:

image image

In this case, since we dont want to see a toilet plan callout tag in other views (like elevation / section) and we might want to change the view range for some reason, it is a good idea to select the Callout > Floor plan type.


Dwane Lindsey said...

One thing I've just run across regarding Plan vs Detail callouts are nested families. I've run across a door family that has a nested swing family, which will not display when using a Detail callout view. I'm currently investigating this problem.

Brian Renehan said...

Nice post.
Some other differences:
Stairs don't have a cut break line when cut in Detail plans.
You also can not create elevations in a detail plan view.


Unknown said...

is there a way to change/move "plan callouts views" to "detail callout views" in the project browser?


Nicholas Iyadurai said...

You cannot unfortunately move the plan callout view type to a detail callout view.
You can create custom folders in the project browser based on this post ( and NOT use the folder structure shown by Revit.