Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Etransmit for Revit

Autodesk had an in-built nice command called 'Etransmit' for AutoCAD. Using that command was the only correct method to transmit / send files to consultants and clients.
It might be heartening to know that Autodesk is working on a similar command / utility for Revit too. Their etransmit technology preview can be viewed / downloaded here.
However, it works ONLY with Revit 2012 versions. You need to have an autodesk user id (free) to download the utility.
The best part is that it collects all the DWG / RVT files that are linked into the Revit file. It does away with all the error messages we used to get when we COPY the Revit Central File using Windows explorer, etc. You can download the preview for free until June 30th.