Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Changing section tag tail

Revit has different types of “section tags” depending on the view we create – be it Building section or Wall section or Detail section.

The tail of the Detail View tag is along the section cut and not perpendicular to it.

One of our projects wanted a perpendicular tail. Here is how we created it. Fairly simple.

  1. Go to menu Setting > View Tags > Section tags.
  2. The default Detail View tag uses: “Section Tail - Filled Horizontal : 3/8" x 3/32” tail. One can just change it to “Section Tail - Filled : 3/32" x 3/8", if you want to edit the type itself (all the detail view tags in the project will use this tail). Else you can duplicate the type and create a new one.

  3. If you created a duplicate type: Select one of the Detail view tag in the drawing area and go to its properties. Go to its type properties and select the new tail type you created.

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