Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Make section tag visible in Floor plan but not in enlarged plans!

When you create a Section in your enlarged plan, Revit puts the scale of the parent view in the "Hide at scales coarser than" parameter in the
View Properties. This helps in such a way that if you create a section in a 1/4" plan, the section tag won't be visible in 1/8" plan. If you create the section in the 1/8" plan, the section tag will be visible in all 1/4" plans.

However, if you want the section tag to be visible in the 1/8" plan and NOT in 1/4" plans, Revit does not have any inbuilt options, yet. The following workaround (use it at your own risk) might work for you:

1. Select the section tag that you don't want to see in enlarged 1/4" floor plans. Go to its properties and change its Discipline to say, Electrical (It should be architectural to begin with)
2. It should disappear from ALL views.
3. Go the the view property of the 1/8" floor plan and change its Discipline to Coordination. The section tag will be visible only there.
4. I don't know what else this change will screw up.

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