Tuesday, December 9, 2008

click and drag

If you click and drag some objects in Revit, Revit moves the object. This is the default behavior. However if you uncheck the 'Press + Drag' option in the option bar,


Revit expects you to select an object first and then move it with a click + drag. This is useful at times when some objects may be moved a little bit by accident by unsteady hands!

Even though this looks like a temporary option, changing this option gets saved in Revit.ini file and sets it for all projects, and for all users in that machine. The follwing lines are added in REVIT.INI


May be this option should be made a temporary - session only - option and a separate option added in the Settings menu > Options dialog box.

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Anonymous said...

Great Tip!!
I actually like having the option sitting there on the toolbar, and change it depending on what i'm doing. I turn it on when annotating as an example.