Friday, February 6, 2009

Walls to the underside of the ceiling in RCP

By default the cut plane is 7’6” for the RCP. Because of this, the walls that go to the soffit of the ceiling (at 8’) are cut and shown as such.


Theoretically this is right but confuses the contractors who dont understand the ceiling is continuous. The ceiling seems to be terminated by these “walls in section”.

To make the graphics look “correct”, we:

  1. Created a filter to segregate these walls.
  2. Applied it to a RCP view and tweaked the display to be dashed and transparent.
  3. Created a View template based of this view.
  4. Applied this template to all the other 20 RCPs.

In detail:

  1. Create a filter (settings menu > Filter) for all walls that have the letter “g” in the value of their Type Mark parameter. (We used the type mark for our wall tags, eg. B3g, which indicated that the partition stopped at the underside of the ceiling.)
  2. Apply this filter to a RCP view in its visibility graphics dialog box. Change the cut lines to be dashed and filter to be Transparent.
  3. Create a view template based on this view. (View menu > Create a view template from view). Uncheck all the parameters in the ‘include’ column except the VG Overrides Filter.
  4. Select all the RCP views in the project browser, right click and select “Apply View Template…” 
    and apply the newly created view template.
  5. (If you have already created a View Template for all your RCP views, and have applied it as the default view template for RCP views,  you dont want to  apply this truncated View Template. Instead you can edit your existing RCP view template to include the new filter and then “Apply Default View Template” command in the previous step)

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