Thursday, March 5, 2009

Script to copy values from Excel to Revit Schedule

The evaluation copy of the updated script for Revit 2011 is available at:

Here is a script I wrote using Autohotkey to copy cell values from Microsoft Excel or Open Calc into a Revit Schedule. You can download the zip file here for Revit 2009 and here for Revit 2010. I have also posted the zip file at augi (login required)
The script copies a bunch of cells (rows x columns) and pastes them into a revit schedule (contiguous rows x columns).
  1. he script works well if all the fields in Revit schedule are EDITABLE. (A normal schedule has lots of ‘read-only’ fields like Family name, Area, etc where this script will fail.)
  2. The script does not create blank rows for data in Revit (yet). You need to create as many rows as you might need using this button in the Revit option bar before running the script.


Irish_friend said...

Hello, i've tried your copy spreadsheet 2009 whith my revit structure "french version". It seams that it doesn't work :-(. Is it because i use a french version???

Nicholas Iyadurai said...

Yes. The script works only in the english version. Sorry.

Anonymous said...
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Josh said...

hi there, posted on Augi as you have this updated for Revit 2011? Thanks a ton for your addition to the Revit user community.

Joshua S. said...

Have you tried an update for Revit 2011? I can't get it to work in this version.


estimmel said...

Nicholas - would you consider posting your source code for this script? I suspect it would work with Revit 2011 with only a minor adjustment and I would be happy to test and repost. Thanks for sharing the .exe in any case!

Nicholas Iyadurai said...

Hi everyone,
I have updated the script for RVT 2011. It is available at:
The script is not free anymore. You can download an evaluation copy.