Sunday, February 10, 2008

CAD Links - differences - linked / inserted / current view only

  • The imported dwg check mark in VG is on, even if the DWG is not visible because it is an annotation object or because of the view depth parameter.
  • Even in elevation views, the dwg link (incl. annotation objs) shows up in VG imported dwg list.
  • Method to find if the imported object is linked / imported / annotation / model object:
    An linked file has the “Shared Location” parameter
    A DWG inserted / linked as a model object has Base level and offset parameters.
    A DWG inserted / linked as an annotation object has “bring it forward / backward” options.
  • Erasing all linked instances will remove the linked DWG from the Manage Links dialog box.
  • Erasing all imported instances will remove the imported DWG from the imported objects list in VG. However, if the imported dwg is partially exploded, (and has a block alive?) its stain will remain!!!


Anonymous said...

Nicholas, I found your post about differences between linked / inserted, very useful.

However, I still have a question.

I have a DWG showing in VG in the Imported Categories that I can't find anywhere. It obviously doesn't show in Manage Links or the browser.

How can I find it so I can get rid of it?

Please reply to:


Nicholas Iyadurai said...

As i had mentioned above: "if the imported dwg is partially exploded, (and has a block alive?) its stain will remain!!!" For eg, if you partially explode an acad dwg which has doors, windows, tags as blocks. The partially exploded dwg will become lines, arcs, etc and blocks. These blocks are named like "xxx.dwg.doors" or "xxx.dwg.roomtags" etc. The presence of these blocks will leave the imported dwg in the VG and I have not found a method to remove them from VG. Even deleting these blocks don't help.
I hope this helps