Wednesday, June 18, 2008 install - download problems

Autodesk announced the web update 1 for RAC last week. During the installation process, the installer tries to download the, which is 679 MB. Autodesk strongly recommends us to update the library because of the changes made to them. However, it looks like the download is not usually completed successfully. (

There is a direct link to the but I am NOT sure whether this is the Web Update 1 version. Autodesk is giving away this update only to subscription customers. However this link can be accessed by anyone, and so this may not be the updated CAB!!!

I asked autodesk about this via the subscription support request.... They are asking us to do download the installer again to reinstall RAC (another 400MB)


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OhmEye said...

I am running into the same issue, even at this late date. Here's AutoDesk's link: