Friday, April 10, 2009

Updated scripts

I wrote about a script I had written to copy values from an excel (or open office) spreadsheet to a Revit Schedule. I have updated the script and the prep work needed to run the script have been minimized drastically. The script also allows you to select the cell in Excel / Revit to start copying / pasting. The updated script, the script code, and the readme file are here for Revit 2009 and here for Revit 2010.

I also wrote about another script that can copy values from one Revit schedule to another. This script has also been enhanced to need minimal prep work. The updated script to copy a revit schedule, the code, and the readme file are here for Revit 2009.

Please add a comment if you find any bugs or if you have any requests. Thanks.


Gene Herring said...

Hi Nicholas, I made a post to the AUGI website regarding a problem I was having though not particularly with your script. BTW, one of the most useful Revit tools I am yet to get my hands on. Can you help me figure this out, not much help from the AUGI website, see below;(Anyone have an idea why I can use the tool to copy text from my spreadsheet but not numeric values. When the program executes, it walks through the the text columns but stops at the first number? Also now that I realize, it does the same thing if I try to manually copyclip numbers. get an error message that says "enter a value or a formula starting with an =". I am trying to populate a key schedule with values from excel. Thanks for any suggestions anyone may have.)

Nicholas Iyadurai said...

Sorry about this. I had corrected the script. But was too lazy to upload the newer version.
I have just uploaded the newer version at my website. The links from this blog should lead you to the corrected exe file.
I hope this works for you.

Nicholas Iyadurai said...

If you are making an anonymous comment, you need to give your email id to be contacted.

Laura said...

Nicholas, I have used your tool in Revit 2009 and 2010 (and it is awesome!), but am now using Revit 2011. Are there any plans to update it or does the 2010 version work with 2011? Thanks!

Daniel said...

Will there be a version available with Revit Arch 2011?