Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ADT or ACA 2009 and RAC 2009

I have not used ADT much since the 2005 version. Sadly, the 2005 version had some stuff even the RAC 2009 cannot match!  Anyway, I looked at ACA 2009 a bit and found these interesting things and some old stuff that would make Revit even better:

  • ADT 2009 has an automatic DWF publishing feature. Whenever you save or close the file, it creates a DWF! This might be very useful for project managers who want to check the progress but dont have an ADT license (or dont want to inadvertently screw up the dwg. )


  • At last, objects can have multiple leaders. When you remove these leaders, you can specify which leader to remove! (unlike in Revit)
  • Menu Browser: provides easy access to a variety of content, including commands and documents - we need this in Revit!
  • CUI: Ok...how long do I have to wait to get this in Revit! 
  • Wall endcaps!!! These were wonderful even in the 2005 version. Now, it just kicks ass!
  • Multiline tags - the ability to change the wrapping width of an attribute. In RAC, we need to edit the family to make such a change!
  • 64 Bit version! (More than ACA, RAC needs it. And needs it now!)
  • Repeating the same command (the good ol keyboard RETURN!)
  • Room, Door number integration.
  • User Profiles
It looks like ACA gets all new good features of Revit and Revit is very reluctant to borrow from ACA. Sadly, the argument that Revit is inherently better, and so does not need any features from other applications does not hold water.

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