Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Serious Error Occured... text style corruption

Recently we got an error in only one of the Views and its dependent views in a project in RAC 2008. The error was serious (it said so!) and would not allow us to save to central, while in that view and was creating a lot of issues related to text type swapping, etc.

err while changing text type

After fiddling with the project for some time, I found that the error is because of a particular text style called 3/32" Arial 2. The error went away if we switch off the "text notes" in the visibility graphics dialog box for the problem view. We also found that whenever we try to change a text object to this type, the error occurred.

I thought upgrading the project to RAC 2009 might solve the problem. But that gave an error and would not upgrade.


To correct his, I created a new drafting view in new project and added two text notes in that. I created a new text type called 3/32" Arial 2 and assigned one of the notes to it. Then I imported this view into our project using File menu > Insert from file... > views command.

The error has not occurred since.

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