Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Changing level to 100

This is a beginners tip.

Lot of firms want the Ground level (First Level) to be 100'. Or the actual level height given by the civil Engineer. Trying to change the level directly by editing the Revit level won't work. (It might actually move the model and so, all your view crops, etc may become wrong!)

Instead, while in an Elevation view,  go to Tools menu > Project position/orientation > relocate this project... and then click in the drawing area and move your cursor up and enter 100' (or whatever distance you want the levels to move)

Zoom all and view the levels, it would most probably not have changed. Select the level head and go to its type properties and change its Elevation Base to "Shared"


That should do it.


Anonymous said...

I have currently some twentyfive revit blogs bookmarked and followed daily. So far your blog is absolutely the most practical and useful of all. Thank you very much for sharing really useful information for other users.

Dave Baldacchino said...

We like to show the first level as 100'-0" too, but we took a slightly different direction. I wanted to make sure that we can still use shared coordinates to locate the building in the real site coordinates (so levels and spot elevations show exactly the site coordinates). So in our templates we physically moved the levels up 100 feet. That frees up shared coordinates to be used at will.

Nicholas Iyadurai said...

Thanks for the tip, Dave. We move the model likewise when the model is not developed much. Usually these kinds of requests come during the DDs and moving the model like this during DD also moves all the elements with respect to individual view crops in most of the views. (pain!)

Anonymous said...

I see the post was from last october, hopefully someone still reads this. We have a somewhat similar problem. We set all of our levels according to the civil elevation (based on 1215' FFE) now the building location has changed and dropped on the site 23' to a new FFE of 1192' When we attempt to change the elevations in the elevation view manually we get several error messages and part of the model deletes. We get the same error messages if we try to move the entire model all at once. Any ideas would be of great help, we are supposed to plot the drawings tommorrow.


Nicholas Iyadurai said...

Did you try the method outlined in the blog. It should work and you should be able to change from 1215' FFE to 1192'

Anonymous said...

I apologize. I ran through it again and I missed the very last step the first time. That did work. Thanks so much for the info.