Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Schedule list of Revised Sheets

Question: Is there a way to schedule drawing sheets based on their revision number? For eg., you have a project with a lots of sheets and before issuing a new Revision set, you want to get a list of the sheets that will be issued for this particular revision.

Even though there is a Revision parameter in the sheet properties,
it is not exposed in the list of available fields for the Drawing List schedule.
So, it looks like getting a list in a schedule form seems to be difficult.

However, you can use browser organization to group the sheets that belong to each revision numbers in the Project Browser. To do this:

  1. Go to Settings menu > Browser organization > sheets tab > New > name it as "Sheets by Revision"
  2. In the Browser Orgn Properties dialog box, in the 'group by' select 'Current Revision' and hit ok.
  3. The project browser now groups the sheets by the current Revision Number.


Robin Capper said...

One schedule I've struggled to create is a list of Design Options. Would like to show the info & status seen in the Design Opt dialog to go alongside our sheet list

Nicholas Iyadurai said...

Sadly, I dont know of a way to show the contents of the Design option dialog box in a sheet. Filtering schedules by design options is possible.