Friday, October 10, 2008

Missing Rotation Origin and active worksets

One of our project would not show the rotation origin, which looks like this,


while in the rotate command. The stuff it showed looked like:


When we aligned two objects, it would not show the customary lock too:


No clues yet.

However, when we tried to insert windows / doors, Revit would not show any preview, but would insert them anyway. But it would not show the inserted element! Yet, it shows the opening cut made by these inserted elements!

That's the clue. The current (active) workset is switched off!!!

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Dave Baldacchino said...

Haha, nice one :) This has happened a couple of times in our office and the users click like maniacs as they think Revit isn't doing anything. Then I realize that the worksets toolbar is turned off and once we turn it on we find that the active workset is not visible in the view. Obviously upon turning it on, we find a ton of object instances placed, at which point we all get a good laugh and resume our work :)