Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sharing Revit file with consultants

Here are some best practices to follow while sharing Revit files back and forth with consultants.

  1. Please ask consultants to ONLY send the CENTRAL file. Everybody in their team should have relinquished everything before sending this file. (please don’t accept LOCAL files.)
  2. Once received, copy the Revit file to a folder (for eg. consultants / structural / <<date>> / file name.rvt)
  3. Open this file from the above location.
  4. Go to File menu > manage links and remove unwanted Revit links (for eg. our architectural model that was linked by them!) or repath links, if necessary. CAD links can be imported.
  5. Do a File > saveas:
    1. In the saveas dialog box, go to options and select “Make this central file
    2. Browse to and save in a folder like: “consultants/structural/filename.rvt”.  This is the location for the latest file from the consultant always. Keeping the file in the same place would make it unnecessary to repath it inside our Revit project.

When we get an updated file from the consultant, you can repeat steps 2 to 5. (you can copy it to “consultants / structural / <<date>> / file name.rvt and do a saveas to OVERWRITE the rvt file in “consultants/structural/filename.rvt

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