Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sheet Issue Date

Revit titleblocks have a Project issue date parameter. This is also part of the Project information accessed from the Settings menu. All Revit OOTB Titleblocks have this parameter in them.  Changing the value of this parameter changes the date in all the sheets. However, in some cases, we may not want to change the date for all the sheets but only some, for eg. Addendum 1 set of sheets. Revit has a parameter called Sheet Issue Date in the titleblock family that should work. This is an instance parameter of the Sheet object. If you want to change this parameter for a bunch of sheets, you could select all the relevant sheets in the project browser and right click on them to get the properties and change it there.


You can also group the sheets in a schedule and edit it there.

If you already have a Title block in the project with the Project Issue Date parameter and if you edit the TB to use the Sheet Issue Date parameter, Revit assigns the Project issue date value to the sheet issue date by default! 

One could create a TB family with both the Project and sheet issue date parameters with a visibility switch to swap them in different types.

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