Monday, August 4, 2008

Archive a Revit Project

People asked me about archiving a Revit project. A Revit project gets a bit tricky with its linked DWG and RVT files, etc. Archiving in this sense, is not backing up, but creating a Revit project that is frozen in time, for eg., after a DD submittals.

  1. Everybody STC and relinquish everything.
  2. Make a PDF set of the whole project.
  3. Open the central file with the option ‘detach from central’.
  4. Go to File menu > Manage Links and import the CAD links. 
  5. Select any Revit link in the project and click on the "Bind" button in the option bar.
  6. Go to File menu > Saveas to save here:
    P:\year\project number\CADD\Revit\archive\yearmonthdate-project number-project name -_archive.rvt

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